Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3x3 and Guerrilla Playhouse

Saluton! After many months of procrastination and filibustering, I have finally completed a new book which is now available for purchase. 3x3 is a collection of the three 3 Day Novels I've written between 2007 and 2009. If you'd like a free sample of what's in the book, you can still download Big Nasty Heartbreaker, my first 3 Day Novel and a shortlisted entry for 2007. The full collection also includes the novels The Nightjars and Cat Killer, neither of which gathered any accolades, but one of which is still pretty good, in my opinion (here's a fun game: buy the book and try to guess which one is the "good one!") If you want to buy the book at a physical store instead of online, within the next few days you'll be able to pick it up at The Bazaar in Roanoke, VA (675 Brandon Avenue SW).
In other news, there's a hip new event in downtown Roanoke that you need to check out. Every second and fourth Sunday at 8PM, you can make your way down to Studio Roanoke (30 Campbell Avenue) and check out Guerrilla Playhouse, a combination theatrical performance and live music revue. In addition, I'm going to be the regular host of Guerrilla Playhouse, and I have also recently become the Director of Guerrilla Programming at Studio Roanoke, so if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the venue, I'm probably the person you should e-mail, and I encourage you to do so.
Until next time,