Friday, October 9, 2009

Hard Times for Ugly Men

Back in April of 2008, I decided to self-publish a collection of my No Shame Theater pieces in a volume called Hard Times for Ugly Men. Since then, I've accumulated a bunch more No Shame pieces, so rather than do a sequel, I figured I'd take the Leaves of Grass route and make a revised and expanded version of the original book. The new Hard Times for Ugly Men should be available to order online very soon. It contains about forty new No Shame pieces and is over a hundred pages longer than the original. However, if you want a sample of what the book is all about, you can download the entire 160-page original version in a FREE E-BOOK suitable for reading on your computer or cellular telephone or something.
In addition, I'm hoping to make some more stuff available soon in the free e-book format, starting with my first 3-Day Novel Big Nasty Heartbreaker. After that, maybe some short stories.
Keep watching the skies!
Ben R. Williams

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