Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big Nasty Heartbreaker, The Bazaar, and Other Sundries

Hello again! First off, thanks to everyone who bought a copy of Hard Times for Ugly Men. I hope you found it enjoyable, or at the very least, found it useful for bolstering the short leg on the kitchen table. In either case, my deepest thanks.
But what if you read the book cover to cover and found yourself yearning for more? Well friend, you're in luck, as I have just put together a downloadable copy of my first 3 Day Novel, Big Nasty Heartbreaker, which you can read absolutely free of charge. This is the one that got shortlisted for the 2007 contest. 9 out of 10 Canadian literary judges agree, it's OK. I will offer some forewarning, however: this novel was, in fact, written in three days, so it's rough around the edges. My usual fiction style is more flowery and full of symbolism and allusions and shit, so, you know, please bear it in mind.
In other news, do you live in the Roanoke, VA area, want to buy a copy of Hard Times for Ugly Men, yet hate the cold impersonality of internet commerce? Well my picky friend, you are in luck. Head on down to The Bazaar, located at 675 Brandon Avenue SW, across from Towers and right next to Henry's Memphis BBQ. It's a great little consignment shop/music venue, and unlike most consignment shops, the atmosphere is hip and friendly as opposed to sad and creepy. Go check it out.
Speaking of music and hipness, you may have noticed some links over on the little sidebar thing. Notes on the State of Virginia is a frequently updated literary humor blog by a good friend of mine, and it is absolutely brilliant. I'm not just saying that because he's a friend of mine, it really is brilliant. In fact, it sort of pisses me off how good it is. But check it out anyway. As for the other two links, I shall put it this way. There are a handful of living musicians/bands that I go out of my way to seek out. These include, in no particular order, John Fogerty, John Kay, Randy Newman, 3AM Friday, and The Bastards of Fate (the Randy Newman thing isn't a joke, I really like Randy Newman). The guys in 3AM Friday actually dedicated a song to me (Father's Delicate Condition in Honor of Ben R. Williams, because I kept trying to get them to call the band Father's Delicate Condition), and I have never missed one of their shows. They are awesome. The Bastards of Fate, meanwhile, defy any kind of rational description, and are also most excellent. Check them both out, and if you'd like me to add your website to my list of links, just shoot me an e-mail. Or shoot me an e-mail apropos of nothing. I'd like to hear from you.
Until then, I remain, your friend,
Ben R. Williams


  1. Talk about a big nasty heartbreaker, the link takes you to nothing.

    Oh Mr. Williams, you tease us so...

  2. Whoops. I think I've got it fixed now. Thanks for the heads-up!