Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10% Off Hard Times for Ugly Men!

Through January, you can get 10% off Hard Times for Ugly Men if you buy it through Lulu.com. Simply click here and then enter the code READMORE2010 at the checkout. With your help, I can win the January sales drive and beat the guy who won last month, some dude named "Warren Ellis," whoever the hell that is. Thanks for your support!


  1. Hey Ben,

    Just bought your book. Really looking forward to reading it and bragging that I've got a friend who's written a book.

    Also, sorry for being a jerk in the 5th grade. Hope you're well,

    Paul Toms

  2. Hey, thanks Paul! I really appreciate it. Apology accepted, but for the record, I barely even remember what happened to me three months ago. Remembering 5th grade is like remembering a story I once heard about someone else's fever dream.